Newmilns Regeneration Association
Newmilns Regeneration Association


A guide to the first steps to be taken over the next 12 months. Newmilns Regeneration Association (NRA) will liaise with various organisations to progress the following themes and priorities.

Theme 1: Community Facilities and Activities


Retain and use existing community facilities
  • Explore potential for community ownership of the community facilities 
  • Work with East Ayrshire Council/Leisure Trust to retain library
  • Aim to reduce charges for Morton Hall and increase use by community groups

NRA will liaise with:

Community Council, East Ayrshire Council, Newmilns Senior Citizens Cabin Committee, Local Churches, Newmilns Youth Forum, Irvine Valley Regeneration Partnership, Loudoun Valley Trust


Better sport & leisure facilities
  • Work with existing providers (e.g. Dry Ski Slope, Lanfine Estates, Loudoun Gowf, Loudoun Academy) to promote and encourage community use
  • Explore the idea of developing a community gym in one of the empty properties
  • Encourage more sport & leisure classes in community facilities

NRA will liaise with:

Local sports clubs, Loudoun Academy, Newmilns Ski Slope Complex


More activities for youth
  • Find out from young people what activities they want
  • Get support from East Ayrshire Council communities team
  • Recruit volunteers to help with youth activities

NRA will liaise with:

Newmilns Youth Forum, East Ayrshire Council Vibrant Communities Team, Young People, Local Uniformed Organisations, Local voluntary groups, Newmilns Ski Slope Complex


Out of school childcare
  • Carry out a survey through the nursery & primary school to find out if there is demand for out of school care/holiday clubs
  • If there is demand, set up a group to take this forward

NRA will liaise with:

Parent council, Parent & Toddlers, East Ayrshire Council, Newmilns Primary School


Events & information
  • Aim to hold one other community event during the year, in addition to the Gala e.g. New Year’s event
  • Set up a Newmilns Community Website, initially to provide update information about progress with action plan priorities
  • Secure funding for a community noticeboard, to be available to all groups to put notices and agree where this should go.

NRA will liaise with:

Community Council, Gala committee, Lanfine Estate, Local Voluntary groups