Newmilns Regeneration Association
Newmilns Regeneration Association


Over 642 responses were made by local residents in our Community Views Survey. The results help to inform this action plan. Here is what people said they like about the community now … and what they were not so keen on!

Survey - What You Like

46% LIKE

Community Spirit/Pride 

36% LIKE

Environment/Outdoor Recreation

28% LIKE

Nature of Community/Village Appearance

21% LIKE 


21% LIKE

Nothing/Not a lot 

10% LIKE

Local Public Services 

09% LIKE

Local Economy – shops and cafes

09% LIKE

Community Activity 

08% LIKE

Sports and Recreation Facilities

03% LIKE


What people said:

  • Good community spirit/friendly town and people
  • Went to school here and it’s our home and have family and friends here
  • Set in a lovely valley surrounded by beautiful scenery
  • Lovely countryside with the most spectacular views of the valley
  • River Irvine snaking through the town
  • The quiet town, good community and safe feeling
  • Beautiful old buildings
  • I like the fact it’s a small village, its own culture and history
  • Close to city centre and good commute links for work
  • Location – great countryside, reasonably close to urban areas
  • Nothing, not what it used to be
  • Nowadays not very much
  • We are blessed by wonderful caring surgery and the library is great and well used
  • Good school and nursery
  • All the shops and those who work in them being very friendly and helpful especially the chemist and the post office
  • The effort of the small businesses to stay running
  • The Gala Day – lovely to re-unite with people who may have left the area but return for the day
  • Some hidden gems e.g. very old football pavilion
  • I like the football cage and all the clubs you can go to
  • Ski slope is a brilliant place well run by a non-profit company
  • Abundance of excellent quality homes at competitive prices...
  • Quality of housing (in our Street)...