Newmilns Regeneration Association
Newmilns Regeneration Association


These are the main strategies and priorities identified by the local community in surveys, interviews and profile and prioritised at the Community Event.  

Theme 1: Community Facilities and Activities

The existing community facilities – the Morton Hall, the Senior Citizens Cabin, the Library and the Pavilion – are greatly valued by the community and there is current concern that they might be lost if the Council cannot continue to run them. However, there are improvements that could be made to encourage greater use of these facilities. None of the facilities is really suitable for sports use, and there was a lot of support for the development of a new indoor sport & leisure facility, to complement the outdoor facilities for cycling, ski-ing and football. Given the very poor health statistics, this would be a great benefit to encourage a healthier lifestyle for all.

More activities for teenagers are needed, and also provision of out of school childcare, to support existing families and to encourage more young families to come to the area. The Gala is hugely appreciated as an event that engenders much needed community spirit, and there is hope that there might be more events, and better ways of letting everyone know what is going on.

Main priorities

  • Retain and use existing community facilities
  • Better sport & leisure facilities
  • Activities for youth
  • Out of school childcare
  • Events & information