Newmilns Regeneration Association


This statement has been prepared to summarise the main aspirations for the future as expressed by local people and organisations in their replies to the survey and stakeholder interviews.  

A thriving local economy, with plenty of local jobs, and where businesses and enterprise are encouraged and supported ...

  • A thriving, regenerated, bustling and friendly town.
  • The community owning buildings, providing low rates for business to succeed.
  • Thriving as a community with business opportunities and work for the local people.
  • A buzzing hub of small and quaint shops in the town centre.

An attractive town centre, with our historic buildings preserved, and the shops and housing kept clean and tidy ...

  • For the village to be clean and tidy and make it more appealing.
  • A nice main street making it more inviting and appealing.
  • Regeneration of housing to encourage more families to the town.
  • A clean and attractive environment that we are proud of and that people would like to visit.

A place that people like to visit, where the history and recreation opportunities are promoted, and there are activities for all the family …

  • A place where the local heritage is a focal point that boosts the local economy.
  • A nice country village with a picturesque look.
  • An attractive town in a wonderful setting, people coming to visit because of this and its historic setting in Scots history.
  • A focal point where the history and past heritage of the town can be displayed.

Strong community spirit and pride, with activities and community facilities for the benefit of all …

  • Lively active town with as few as possible empty buildings and community involvement.
  • More community spirit in a place people would want to live.
  • More facilities would be a great benefit for the whole community.
  • A safe and secure community, where people care about each other and respect their environment.
  • One big community with everyone working for the town.