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Newmilns Festival Weekend

The group has taken the decision to postpone the Festival Weekend this year with a view to returning in May 2022.

Update-Newmilns Festival Weekend: 
We have taken the decision as a group not to hold the Newmilns Festival Weekend this year, in order to focus on a new Community Action Plan (5 Year Plan 2020-2025) and concentrate on other regeneration activities within the town.
The good news is that we are hoping to hold it in May 2022 and have started making initial enquiries with our suppliers regarding availability, depending on obtaining adequate funding of course! 
We realise this will come as a disappointment to many people, but the Festival Weekend takes months of planning for our small group of volunteers and we felt we needed to take a break this year to allow us to focus on other important items identified in the Community Action Plan.
We are always on the lookout for volunteers to help us with various different projects - if you are interested in joining us as a member, or just as a volunteer, please get in touch! The more help we get, the more projects we will get through to benefit the whole Community.