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Funding Successful for Two Public Access Defibrillators

Newmilns Regeneration have successfully raised £2,000 for two Public Access Defibrillators. The money was raised on Just Giving through St. Johns Scotland, who are part funding the defibrillators.



Funding was launched for two Public Access Defibrillators in January in partnership with St. John Scotland, who are part funding them and also providing training on the defibrillators as well as CPR training to any volunteers wishing to attend, once the Covid restrictions have been lifted.

The first defibrillator is to be sited on the outside of the CHaT Hub, 4 Brown Street (on the Nelson Street side, where the old through-wall post box was mounted).  A place is still being sought for the second defibrillator which is to be located near to Gilfoot/Masonsholm area.

The defibrillators will be registered with the Scottish Ambulance Service and callers will be directed to their nearest box by the operator and provided with a code to access it.

The boxes are bright yellow and green and will have the Newmilns Regeneration Association heart logo on the front, which is quite apt for such a life saving piece of equipment.

We will keep you updated on the position of the second defibrillator as soon as a decision has been made.  It may take several weeks to have the first one installed due to current Covid regulations, but we will announce on social media as soon as each of them are operational.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Just Giving page - two substantial donations were made by G Reid Opticians and GAP Communications, who each funded half the amount for each defibrillator!

Great community effort and a very worthwhile cause.

More information on St John Scotland can be found here: